‘Artist Insight’ with Bryan Mark Taylor

Bryan Mark Taylor spent a few weeks painting Monument Valley last February. He was kind enough to give us a sneak peak of his amazing trip.

artistspointstradamonumentvalleyA collection of vast sandstone buttes, Monument Valley is located on the Arizona – Utah state line near the Four Corners (Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico). The valley lies within the Navajo Nation Reservation and in Navajo translates to valley of the rocks. Bryan is an accomplished landscape painter and feels time spent outdoors observing and pondering nature has become an essential part of his creative process.


Bryan Mark Taylor will be teaching a 4 day workshop is San Francisco, California on October 22-25, 2014. His workshop, Painting Cityscapes Plein Air, is for beginning to advanced painters who want to develop a sound understanding of the fundamentals of cityscape painting. The workshop will focus the artist on effectively capturing light, atmosphere, and mood in urban environments while developing strong composites and color harmony. Register for this exciting Oil/Acrylic workshop today!

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